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Rock ‘n’ Roll Mardi Gras Relay

New Orleans, LA
February 13, 2011

Congratulations to James Williams on an excellent performance in his longest official race! Last weekend we competed in the relay division of the New Orleans Half Marathon. Below is a map of the course, more words to come later…

Points of Interest
First Relay Leg 1:07:05 8.3 miles
Second Relay Leg 41:21 4.8 miles
Relay Finish Time 1:48:25 13.1 miles
Additional Information
Overall Place 9 / 151
Gender Place 3 / 17
Anything Running

Off to a running start

Walt Disney World
January 9, 2011

Just before 5AM, it was 50°F and still dark outside as I began the 2011 Disney World Half Marathon. The race was a lot of fun! There was a huge traffic jam getting into the parking area but I managed to make to my starting corral with the help of my local cousin. (Thanks, Katie!) Former Memphis runners Patrick and Pam also started in corral B and were chasing me for the entire run. (though none of us realized it until after the race was over.) Along the course we saw costumed characters every mile; cheering the runners on and offering photo ops. If you have google earth installed you can explore the route below. Click and drag your mouse to move the view. Zoom in and click on individual way points to see time and speed details.

Points of Interest
5K Split 24:39
10K Split 50:07
15K Split 1:16:33
Chip Finish Time 1:47:00
Additional Information
Overall Place 1154 / 21988
Gender Place 905 / 9567
Division Place 146 / 1272
Anything Flying

Back in the skies again

West Tennessee Skydiving
January 29, 2011

Clear blue skies and 60°F last Saturday as I made my first jumps of year. On my 70th skydive I wore my forerunner for a test run, or jump. The tracking capabilities worked well and if you have google earth installed you can check out the results below. The garmin software did not output altitude so I have manually added values to a few key nodes. I am not as sure about my own tracking abilities. My max ground speed of 75mph was with the help of at least 35mph winds. I did fly in a fairly straight line towards my target and managed to land right next to the pea pit. This is the same drop zone where I began skydiving in May 2009.

Points of Interest
Exit Altitude 14,500 ft
Deploy Altitude 4,500 ft