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Back in the skies again

West Tennessee Skydiving
January 29, 2011

Clear blue skies and 60°F last Saturday as I made my first jumps of year. On my 70th skydive I wore my forerunner for a test run, or jump. The tracking capabilities worked well and if you have google earth installed you can check out the results below. The garmin software did not output altitude so I have manually added values to a few key nodes. I am not as sure about my own tracking abilities. My max ground speed of 75mph was with the help of at least 35mph winds. I did fly in a fairly straight line towards my target and managed to land right next to the pea pit. This is the same drop zone where I began skydiving in May 2009.

Points of Interest
Exit Altitude 14,500 ft
Deploy Altitude 4,500 ft